Diamond Dye

Diamond Dye

Simplified candle and soap making products.

Reddig-Glo Candle Dye Chips

Diamond Dye Supply specializes in products that simplify candle and soap making for hobbyist. We are the worlds only manufacturer of the popular diamond shaped Reddig-glo candle dye chips. 

We also carry a few popular candle making accessories including wick centering pins and dipping racks and are looking to expand our product line in the coming months.

Cerise Candles

Reddig-Glo Candle Dye Chips

We manufacture and sell Reddig-glo candle dye chips in 46 colors. These are the easiest, cleanest, and one of the most popular candle dye products on the market. Our candle dye chips work great in paraffin, soy or other natural waxes.


Reddig-Glo Soap Dye Chips

We will be manufacturing and selling Reddig-Glo soap dye chips in 10 colors. Like our candle dye chips, these are a simple, clean and predictable way to color soap. They work great in many soap bases including standard, goats milk, shea butter, and many more. These are expected to be ready for production by the end of 2021.

Candle Dye Chip Sample Pack Now Available!

If you are interested in our candle dye chips, order a sample pack and give them a try.