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Diamond Dye Supply manufactures and sells products designed to simplify the candle and soap making process for both professionals and hobbyist. All products are sold in wholesale quantities (see minimum order quantities below) and all products are handmade in the U.S.A.

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Reddig-Glo Candle Dye Chips

The most popular product is our Reddig-glo candle dye chips which are available in 52 colors. Each candle dye chip is formulated to perfectly color 1 lb of paraffin wax. Simply add the dye chip to melted wax at a temperature of approximately 150 °F and stir in for a consistent color every time. For soy or other natural waxes you may need to use 2 or more chips to achieve a similar color.


Sold by the pound

1 lb contains approximately 640 chips

Download the color catalog (here)


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 lb

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Wick Pins

Wick centering pins makes wicking candles simple. Simply place the wick pin through the base of the mold and seal with some putty (not included). Once the wax has set, remove the pin from the bottom of the mold and insert a tabbed wick into the hole left by the pin. Wick pins are nickle plated making them highly durable and long lasting.


Available in heights of 2.5", 6.5", or 9.5"

Base diameter is 1-3/8" 


Minimum Order Quantity: 20

Dipping Rack

The professional quality dipping racks are durable and simple to use. Each rack is 6” x 15” and can make 6 tapered candles at a time. These racks work well for hand dipped taper candles with a height range of twelve to six inches. Simply tie six sets of wicking to the rack and dip in wax or beeswax until desired diameter is reached. When dipping is finished cut the candles from the rack and enjoy your taper candle.


Dimensions: 6” x 15”

Candle height is adjustable. 


Minimum Order Quantity: 5


Dipping vats are available at


Reddig-glo Soap Dye Chips

We will be manufacturing and selling Reddig-Glo soap dye chips in 10 colors! These will simplify soap making coloring with consistent results every time. They will work in many soap bases including standard, goats milk, shea butter, and many more. Like our candle dye chips, these will be a simple, clean and predictable way to color soap. Contact us if you’d like to be notified when these become available.

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